Litha Harvest – Summer 2016

posted on 7 July 2016 by : Bottling, Harvest, Mead.

As I’ve said many times, the past couple of years have slowed down dramatically in terms of how much mead I’ve made. This is my first bottling session in over a year, and represents most of my meadmaking from 2015. That said, all 3 batches shown here came out amazingly well, among the best I’ve ever made:

From left: Luna Bochet, Mani Trad, Chaga Spruce

From left: Luna Bochet, Mani Trad, Chaga Spruce

The Luna Bochet and Mani Trad are basically the exact same recipe, just that the bochet was made with caramelized honey, and also had a vanilla bean tossed in during secondary fermentation. And wow! What a flavor. The contrast between the two is intense, and both are utterly delightful. I can definitely see sharing the bochet around a Yule fireside during the winter…. it tastes almost like whiskey, but obviously without the kick of distilled alcohol. And I’ve had more people tell me my Chaga Spruce Mead is the best mead they’ve ever had than anything else I’ve done.

All three of these batches are stellar. I’m very happy to have them bottled, ready to share at a fireside near you.

7 July 2016 Bottling, Harvest, Mead


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